When The Democrats Are Tired

Many American’s take pride in lighting up their fashion runways for politicians instead of models, with the third democratic presidential debate of the season set to take place we are guaranteed a spectacle. this election cycle I’ve remained silent, perhaps to a fault. I was so fervently invested in the last election I think I was sapped of any electoral interest for years to come. Further draining is many of the parallels that can be seen in this election cycle to the last, from the candidates running right down to the election coverage.

Media reporting on the topic was doomed to repeat its mistakes from the start. News coverage is so religiously appointed to Trump that he’s staked out a spot in every American’s mind. So dedicated are the media that Trump spends almost no resources in promoting his own campaign because the coverage – whether good or bad – ensures him the spotlight. This of course detracts away from other legitimate candidates, making them fight for airtime like it’s their last dying breath to break the surface.Read More »


Advice For Newborns

Congratulations, if you’re reading this then you’ve most likely been born. Give your mom a pat on the back, she did all the heavy lifting. So your cord has been snipped and they washed all the jelly off so you don’t look so alien like, what now? You’ll most likely be taken home (or left around for someone else to take home) but if you’re lucky you might get a nice set of humans to feed you and make sure you don’t fall off the countertop. Once you’ve mastered those skills pretty soon you’ll start walking and talking, and that’s when you get to start making all the fun mistakes the rest of us humans.

Kind of sucks there’s no tour guide for this whole “life” thing but lucky for you that’s where this comes in. Use this as a guide and you may turn out alright; or not, nothing’s guaranteed in life. That’s actually the first lesson.

  1. Nothing’s Guaranteed.

Blows, right? Here you are wanting something to go well and it very likely could just blow up in your face. So what do you do when you want something but you’re uncertain about how it will turn out? I mean, we all get anxious and nervous and the world doesn’t owe us anything. I suppose it would be better to stay home and never try anything, right?Read More »

Why Pride Fest is Good for Community

By 9:30 a.m. Knoxville promised a clear sky as people began lining up and down Gay St. We all knew the sunshine wasn’t going to stay, the clouds began rolling in by morning and the previous night had seen a nasty thunderstorm. Despite this the crowd remained ecstatic. Everyone was dressed in their brightest clothes and strutted around like glitter-soaked peacocks for the event.

The parade started around 10:30 a.m. and was led by some mayoral candidate (I didn’t bother noting which one) and was followed by a convoy of activist organizations, churches, companies and array of different floats of all flavors. No single parade float out-shined the others but instead seemed to keep crowd enthused the entire time, being just long enough not to drag on. Read More »