What Is To Be Done? A Message to the Left

I imagined the mood of the American people this morning to be like a bad hangover where none of us were quite sure what we did last night. Instead I hardly remember ever seeing this much optimism and triumph in people's faces. It could be short-lived, or could be a prolonged sense of victory. But... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean to be American?

With the presidential election seeping into every normal day-to-day conversation, the idea of 'American' is tossed around as a given. The candidates appeal to the fact that they stand for American values, which is supposed to somehow be a persuading argument. But as with most things the term 'American' is so ambiguous that it requires... Continue Reading →

Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

After the night of fury and chaos in Paris, the world is still dazed. It's being reported that 129 people were murdered, but with many more still injured and in critical condition. President¬†Francois Hollande called the attacks an "Act of war". And although the French government has only just begun to identify the attackers (You... Continue Reading →

Can a Secular Nation Ever Exist?

Following the supreme court ruling on gay marriage, it wasn't too difficult to predict the whole Kim Davis incident. The friction between the religious agenda and secular agenda has been at a special high these last few months, and will likely continue for the coming months. Just for some specific background on the U.S. a... Continue Reading →

The Art of Keeping Silent

One thing I've discovered is that words truly do have power. There are two things that give words power: 1) The meaning behind its use, 2) the way the words are used. It's a crude example but consider this. Nobody likes hearing a derogatory phrase in daily life, like the N-word. I don't have to... Continue Reading →

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