Writing Advice: Listening to Music

I actively read through a variety of writing related forums- which sounds worse when I actually say it- and at least every other day I see something about writing while listening to music. It's almost trivial that people are too afraid to give it a try, like somehow it's condemning their writing career if they... Continue Reading →


Writing Advice: Editing Steps

I recently started editing the rough first draft of my novel, and boy is it rough. I don't remember being that bad of a writer when I started on that project. But, that doesn't exactly matter because it's only the edited work that people see. I've used this method on a few of my short... Continue Reading →

To Be Objective

I see a great deal of writing being wasted on the idea that the whole of the content should strive to be as objective as possible. Everything from journalism to philosophy to teaching should be objective. Of course that sounds ideal, but it isn’t actually possible. To truly be objective would be to say nothing... Continue Reading →

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