Advice For Newborns

Congratulations, if you’re reading this then you’ve most likely been born. Give your mom a pat on the back, she did all the heavy lifting. So your cord has been snipped and they washed all the jelly off so you don’t look so alien like, what now? You’ll most likely be taken home (or left... Continue Reading →

Literature and Philosophy

Philosophy has always had an odd place in the novel, and vice versa. So often will philosophers refer back to great writers just to make their points clearer, and so often will great writers refer back to philosophers just to add a basis for their ideas. It is even gotten into that habit that philosophers... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice From John Steinbeck

Whether a fan of his writing or not, John Steinbeck has been integrated into the American canon and shaped the way American literature has been perceived, moreso than any other writer has done. In 1962 he was awarded the Nobel prize in literature for "his realistic and imaginative writings, combining as they do sympathetic humour... Continue Reading →

Finding a Voice in Your Writing

To all fiction writers, and even nonfiction writers, one of the most discouraging issues encountered is to find a suitable voice for their writing. Often times when reading the work back over they'll find that it is too dull or or that it is unmemorable. This is a simple issue but it is also a... Continue Reading →

How to Critique Writing

Something I've noticed about the small crowd of writers that I've met, is that they hardly find time to read anything other than literature. What I mean is that the normal person will read that World of Warcraft book or that new space exploration book being made into a movie, but the person who considers... Continue Reading →

The Art of Keeping Silent

One thing I've discovered is that words truly do have power. There are two things that give words power: 1) The meaning behind its use, 2) the way the words are used. It's a crude example but consider this. Nobody likes hearing a derogatory phrase in daily life, like the N-word. I don't have to... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Writing

The purpose of writing has always been for the writer to convey a message to the reader, but I think this escapes many writers today. The majority of writing is not focused on what it says rather how it says it. Many political writers will spice up their writing with sophisticated language and complex terminology... Continue Reading →

The Sins of a Dystopia

So I recently read Ayn Rand's Anthem, a dystopian novel set in a collectivist society. Ms. Rand has gathered a cult following, yet she is almost as universally mocked in the literary field as she is in the philosophical field. Anthem is a short read, only about 100 pages long so you can power through... Continue Reading →

The Book Industry and Movies

A lot of people like to say the phrase "Books will never die" even though some may not always believe it. Even I started to doubt it. You don't see many people around reading classic literature unless you like to surround yourself with people that do. Most of the time I see people reading books... Continue Reading →

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