Reaction to Making “America White Again”

Making headlines across the country,┬áRick Tyler, running for a congressional seat from the 3rd district of Tennessee, put up a billboard with the words "Make America White Again" to bring publicity to his campaign. In an interview he practically admitted it was to stir up controversy, but still claimed there was a great amount of... Continue Reading →


Politics as a Feeling

A 2003 study published in the┬áJournal of Personality and Social Psychology found something that, believe it or not, surprised nobody. The conclusion of the study found that "People vote with their party, not their personal beliefs." As YaleNews later reported: People vote on an issue based on the facts and their ideology, or personal beliefs,... Continue Reading →

Aftermath of American Politics

For anyone that's kept up with the news on the both sides of the political spectrum, something very odd is happening. Most recently with the first democratic debate of 2016, the few moments that were most talked about were the issues of gun control, and Sanders' health care plan. In fact one of the post-debate... Continue Reading →

Restructuring Education

A popular opinion nowadays is that "The teacher always knows best." In a sense, this phrase is used to justify keeping the government out of the teaching curriculum, giving the teachers more room to teach what they want. People often fear that the government will impose upon schools what to teach, when to teach, and... Continue Reading →

Criticism of the Sanders Campaign

The 2nd Democratic debate last night revealed some interesting things about the Democratic Party. Each candidate had their own moment, for Sanders it was the quote "I'm not that much of a socialist compared to Eisenhower", and for O'Malley it was calling Trump an "Immigrant-Bashing carnival barker" and oddly enough for Clinton, it was using... Continue Reading →

Participating in a democracy

With election season underway and the first debate for the democrats tonight, people are paying more attention to politics. Obviously this has been an odd election due to the non-establishment politicians running for president, and even becoming the front runners. What a lot people tend to forget is that politics is not just relevant every... Continue Reading →

Analysis of Political Rhetoric Pt. 2

In my previous post I focused on analyzing the different techniques politicians will make when giving speeches. It's fairly easy to spot the speaker when they are avoiding the question or using shady techniques, as long as you know what those techniques are at least. But one way that people are commonly influenced by that... Continue Reading →

Analysis of Political Rhetoric

I mentioned briefly in my article The Purpose of Writing that people should become familiar with the rhetoric used by politicians and news sources as a defense mechanism. The logic was that if people were able to clearly identify the ways in in which speakers try to sway them, the people would be more critical... Continue Reading →

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