Bernie Shouldn’t Just Challenge Clinton

For people following the rise of Bernie Sanders and his vie for the Democratic ticket in the upcoming election, undoubtedly there’s been comparison between Sanders and Clinton. With the realization that Sanders has a small amount of chance for actually winning, many spout his role is to challenge Hilary and force her to step her game. They envision that the rivalry will cause her to stick to her convictions and work more for the American people. Which is absolutely true, right up until the campaign ends.

It’s no dispute the politicians lie, everyone knows it even if some people don’t like to talk about it. For a good while I accepted that Bernie’s role was to elevate Clinton and refine her beliefs, until I started thinking about that. Say Bernie does force Clinton to take a stance on certain issues, even if he does challenge her views to step her efforts, that won’t last through her presidency. Clinton will simply play the game of electioneering and wait for Bernie to go away so she can resume her plans.

Despite this we know that Bernie is honest, just look at his voting record. We also know that Clinton isn’t completely honest; just look at the way her views changed on healthcare before and after she was bought out by the healthcare industry. It’s a fact that money does talk, and that’s exactly the type of thing Bernie wants to challenge. He isn’t here merely to clash with Clinton, he is here to progress the country into what we are all too afraid to talk about. He wants to take on the people that working class Americans can’t do themselves. Bernie’s role is much greater than challenging Clinton.


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  1. Bernie Sanders represent a genuine change in American politics. Big money guys will make impossible his victory,besides mainstream media ignore him ,just because his views. Even Elizabeth Warren could be a better challenge, but she doesn’t want to run.Guys like SANDERS OR Ron Paul are marginalized because his eventual victory will challenge the establishment.


    1. While Sanders and Ron Paul do have very different Ideals and philosophies about politics, you’re right when you say they both represent that change. Despite what anyone’s politics may be, these two deserve credit. And while the media may not want to cover him because of this it is up to the people to decide what is best for them, not the media.

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  2. yaay Bernie Sanders. What he needs is a team like the one behind Howard Dean – and people who will walk the walk – do the work that is necessary. I’ve helped campaign for many politicians who’ve disappointed me in the end. Bernie Sanders is the real thing.


  3. I would still put my money on Bernie winning the entire thing. Many did not pay attention to President Obama either, until late in the game. People end up voting for who they believe in, and are inspired by. Hopefully Bernie Sanders will be able to do so in the upcoming debate.


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