Why Bernie Sanders Won’t Get Nominated

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont, has already announced months ago that he would be seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders is one of the few congressmen to remain consistent with his beliefs on his voting record and describes himself as a social-democrat. However, he shocked the nation earlier this month by announcing a bill aimed at breaking up the countries largest banks. “If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist,” he stated.

With all this Sanders seems like an honest politician, and that’s exactly the problem. In 1972 Hunter S. Thompson said the same thing about Democrat George McGovern, claiming there was no room left in politics for honest politicians. It’s the sad truth. Sanders’ bill sounds like a dream for many working class American’s but it has virtually no chance of getting anywhere. Even the though bill is in line with his politics, it can be seen as a strategically placed stunt to create controversy and gain fame. Next to Hillary Clinton, Sanders is practically unknown.

Don’t get me wrong, anything can happen. But will it? Probably not. Maybe there really isn’t room for honest politicians anymore. One has to wonder if Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are popular because of their ideals, or because of their familiar names. If Sanders were to gain any chance it would need to start right now as a grassroots movement. Even if his place isn’t as president, maybe his honesty and his ideals will inspire others to act on them.


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  1. I think Bernie’s function is to make HRC work for it like a prospective job seeker. When she was unopposed, she could act like an heir apparent, and only speak before hand-picked, supportive groups. Now she has to make a case for why her instead of him.


  2. Futhermore, big donors will do anything to avoid a Sander’s victory. He remembers me Ron Paul, both guys are battling against the establishment, but disregarded by mainstream media.


  3. I wrote about this as well, I am not as bearish about the prospects of Sanders making significant headway, but his constant dismissal in the media and self-defeating narrative of being dwarfed by Clinton in the Left will not help. Too much focus lies in the nomination itself, and not the process.


    1. Very true. I feel like as a country we are heading towards another significant attitude change, both political and in general. Grassroots movements are easy to talk about, but hard to manage. I agree focus is in the wrong place, and even if Sanders isn’t the champion of the left, this attitude change will see someone rise eventually.


  4. One possibility is that Sanders is running to make socialist Hillary look moderate. Most likely, IMO, Hillary’s chances depend on whether the Republicans put up yet another liberal, like Bush or Christie.

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      1. The “out” party usually looks scattered, but it tends to coalesce around a single candidate. We’ll see if they do – and if it’s a real 2nd choice or more of the same.


  5. I believe the truism “no politician is honest” is misleading. People afraid to stick their necks into a voting booth say that a lot.

    And I believe that in the darkest night a candle glows…


  6. Well, I think you are probably right, but I will be voting for Sanders in the primary here, willing to take a stand against the machine. Hopefully there are a lot more like me. People like me don’t participate in opinion polls either, so that is something to consider.


  7. Like Bernie himself mentioned in his recent Iowa speech, people also believed Obama was unelectable. So maybe there is a place for him on the big political stage, especially considering the massive support he’s been rapidly gaining over the past few months.


  8. Unfortunately the president of the United States has very little power. Bernie Sanders , and I grew up in Vermont and I live in Vermont , was able to affect real change when he was working on a smaller level . Personally I think he would do so much more good if he had stayed mayor of Burlington . Or if he was governor of Vermont . Vermont only has 600,000 people . What he did when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s had direct impact on the people . What he’s done as a senator has not . And what anyone does as a president doesn’t really matter because the president is just a puppet . If you read about JFK and how the US military basically did mutiny and treason against him at least twice starting with the Bay of Pigs and then the day before he was going to announce ending the Cold War because he was having private secret conversations with the head of the Soviet Union and he and his brother Bobby had been to Vietnam in the 1950s when the French government said never get involved in anything like this , it’s not as if as president even JFK could do very much and when he got close to affecting any real change he was killed.

    I can best understand Sanders as trying to make people aware of a lot of issues that of been hard to get into the mainstream like campaign-finance reform . At least his commercials bring up political topics that otherwise don’t get mentioned and maybe that’s his legacy . But I wish he would come back to Vermont where one in five children is hungry and unemployment and heroin addiction are out of control . I wish that he was somewhere where he could make a real difference again and being president of the United States isn’t really a place where you can make a real difference because there is so much opposition on every level that the president can’t really maintain their own voice or opinion . If you don’t have the support of the military and you don’t have the support of your own party and you don’t have the support of all the advisers , and Bernie Sanders could never have those without completely selling out , you won’t be able to do very much .

    As someone with severe multiple chemical sensitivity I personally love Bernie Sanders for another reason which is that when he was a congressman he led the board about Gulf War syndrome which is a form of MCS and he has supported the existence of MCS consistently . But did that change anything for anyone with Gulf War syndrome or other forms of MCS? No not at all .

    I do vote as much as anarchist men tell me not to but the only reason I vote is to keep abortion legal. All of the international politics are going to continue as the multinational corporation dictatorship decides.


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